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Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation

Hanumandhoka Durbar Museum

Hanumandhoka, Kathmandu, Nepal

Mohankali Chowk


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This courtyard could be the stone house of medieval art and architecture. Spacious and open for the exhibition of the art and crafts of the Malla period Nepal, the courtyard is the combination of all form of art creation in wood, stone, metal and painting combined with Eastern and Western schools of Art.

Special attraction is the north wing of the courtyard which has even the European figures carved and decorated in the wall of northern Dalan. It is curious to note how this art form is arrived here. The source is still be detected.

The sunken water fountain is additional attraction of the courtyard where myriad of Gods and Goddesses are decorated with. The fountain complex is the counterpart of Tusahiti of Patan Durbar. Therefore, it is also called sometimes Tusahiti of Kantipur and was built after of Patans example. This is the principal residential quadrangle of Malla Kings.

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