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Masan Chowk

This courtyard laying in the lowermost level of Hanuman Dhoka Palace is Masan Chowk. The courtyard is not in square or rectangular shape.

A small temple of Nasadya (Nrityesvara) usually renovated  to its original form is standing at the middle of the chowk followed by couple of wells. The courtyard is surrounded by different  buildings, the major being the temple of Degutaleju to the North East corner of the courtyard. A big tree stands at the south west corner of the courtyard.

The courtyard is called Masan Chowk (a courtyard with a crematorium) but there is no crematorium as such in the courtyard. Neither is there any historical document of it. It is only legendary but called profusely in local society.

It was the place of staging dance and dramas during Malla period.

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