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Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation

Hanumandhoka Durbar Museum

Hanumandhoka, Kathmandu, Nepal

Malla Throne

The ornate wooden throne – with a square cotton seat and two cushions on both sides, and white round cushion for back support – drapped in white, on the ground floor of Sish Baithak, although not imposing, is closely associated with the Newar culture of Kathmandu. Even today, the Newar community of Kathmandu offer beatle nuts to this throne for the success of the once in every 12 year ritual of exchanging of the swords with Pahcali Bhairav. Also, the NEwar Buddhist Community of Kathmandu during their ritual of Bare Chuegu (initiation ritual) come offer their respect to this throne by playing traditional music and making an offering of beetle nuts to it.

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