Government of Nepal

Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation

Hanumandhoka Durbar Museum

Hanumandhoka, Kathmandu, Nepal


Main Objectives:

  • Conservation, restoration, of hanumandhoka palace and historical arts, crafts and of the palace.
  • Develop hanumandhoka palace into museum and open it for general public including foreigners/
  • Manage cultural activities, festivals, and ceremonies of and relating to palace. 

Other Objectives:

  • To plan, Evaluate and monitor for development.
  • To arrange and manage the financial resources for the museum.
  • To manage and conserve the existing historical cultural heritages kept at the museum in international standard
  • To procure or obtain items relating cultutal historical arts and crafts and to arrange for exhibition in the museum.
  • Together with the expert personnel to explore and get involved in survey of arts and crafts and to maintain progress records.
  • To involve local communities for expansion and development of Museum.

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