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Hanumandhoka Durbar Museum

Hanumandhoka, Kathmandu, Nepal

Nasal Chowk

Location : Immediately after entering the main gate comes the courtyard of Nasal Chowk. This is so far the largest courtyard in the palace complex. A small shrine of the God of dance (Nasadya) on the eastern facade the courtyard gave the name to this courtyard.

Perimeter : The courtyard measures 52 meters by 27 meters in area.

History : Due to location of this courtyard at the center of the palace complex the antiquity , though not lavishly descorated, is quite old.

Main Manifestation : This is the main courtyard through which all the courtyard could be approached.Different Chowks such as Mulchowk in the east, Dakh Chowk in the west, Mohankali chowk on the north and Lohan Chowk on the south are located here.This was the place for the Malla Kings to receive during all the occasion the sad days of consolation and happy days of different ceremonies.After the Gorkha conquest it has become  the place of ascending the throne and coronation as well.

The main attraction of the courtyard is the icons of Narsingh, Mahavishnu and Palanquins and thrones used by the Gorkha kings.

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